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Brick Wall

Vision & Goals

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I am committed to helping CISD focus on academic excellence for all Dragons and ensuring responsible fiscal management and transparent communications from the administration, staff and board.  I am also committed to effectively representing the interests of Carroll ISD parents, while simultaneously supporting our teachers and helping deliver the goal of great education for all Carroll Dragon students while maintaining a commitment to sound fiscal practices.

Students First

Our kids' best interests should be at the forefront of all we do. I will continue to work to return CISD’s main focus to growing academic core competencies for all Dragon students, while quickly working to eradicate the “learning gap” that affected many Dragon students during the COVID-19 crisis. I will also continue to work to ensure our primary focus is on education, not indoctrination.  Students should be taught “how to think,” not “what to think.” I will work to ensure our curriculum and teaching methods are not politically-charged, and instead are focused on best equipping our students to grow, learn, and succeed as they pursue their careers, educations, and lives after graduation. 

Sound Fiscal Policies

With over 30 years of management and leadership experience in business, I know firsthand the importance of running an operation responsibly and transparently. I will continue to work hard to bring sound financial policies, advanced planning, and responsible and sound fiscal policies to CISD, ending years of deficit spending.

Support Teachers

CISD is nationally-recognized as an exceptional learning environment. This is largely because of our incredible teachers and staff. I will continue to strive to maintain that reputation of excellence by retaining our best and brightest teachers. I will work to ensure our teachers have the resources and support they need from the CISD School Board.


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